Announcing WordPress Launch Check

Gone are the days of launching without confidence. Today we’re happy to announce the release of our latest tool, WordPress Launch Check.

WordPress Launch Check is an automated report that developers can run to make sure their site is ready to launch—built right in to the Pantheon dashboard or available as a WP-CLI plugin. Learn how to install command-line tools for WordPress at

Why It’s Awesome

This new WordPress-specific check is a quick, automated report that detects common problems before launch. You can also use WordPress Launch Check to monitor the health of your site post-launch. The result is improved site speed, performance and reliability—no installation required. It’s also in beta, so please send us your feedback after testing it out in the wild.


  • Detects whether your Wordpress site is properly set up for session handling and provides a fix if necessary

  • Looks for insecure and vulnerable code using WordPress’ scan database

  • Ensures caching is configured properly for better performance

  • Flags plugins that are known to cause problems in cloud environments

  • Detects when too many plugins are installed

  • Detects large files that should be served by CDN instead

  • Detects directories with too many files

The Pantheon Dashboard

WordPress Launch Check is available for free on Pantheon via the dashboard status page.

Sharing the Love

Here at Pantheon we’ve always been big proponents of open source and the awesomeness that is shared knowledge. Because of this love, we’re sharing WordPress Launch Check with the world as a WP-CLI plugin available on GitHub. Power users rejoice!

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