Announcing the Quickstart Guide to WordPress Migration

Moving to a new WordPress host seems easy at first glance. Make a backup, move the files, and you’re good to go, right?

In reality, though, uploading the files is just one part of a successful WordPress migration. You’re not moving just for the thrill of backing up databases. Although if you really get a kick out of SQL exports, we’re not here to judge. Generally, though, a WordPress migration has a purpose: you want your site to change for the better.  

It takes planning and strategy to pull off a seamless migration that ends with not just a functional site, but a more responsive, higher-capacity site supported by a better WordPress hosting provider. There’s a lot to consider.

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The team at Pantheon has no shortage of experience in WordPress development. We’ve had easy migrations, and suffered through migrations that caused hair-pulling frustration. We all have horror stories about bad hosts, inadequate hardware, and corrupt databases.

Now we’re putting our experience at your fingertips with a new comprehensive resource: The Quickstart Guide to WordPress Migration. It’s not an ebook or a download; it’s a living document that covers everything you need to know and do to have a successful WordPress site migration. You can read through top to bottom, or jump straight to the section you need most right now.

It starts with seeing whether you’re ready to find a new WordPress host. Is your hosting a little quirky, or are they not meeting your needs? See what types of problems should be deal breakers.

Once you’re sure you need to move, the next step is choosing a WordPress host that fits your needs. Our guide explores five types of hosting to help you make the decision. This section can help you balance your needs, your budget, and your admin savvy to find the perfect solution.

Then it’s time for the brass tacks: How to optimize your site for migration, a step-by-step guide for making backups and moving files, and recommended plugins to make the whole process easier. And because the best-laid plans often go wrong, there’s a troubleshooting guide to the most common migration errors.

We also invited some of the sharpest minds in the WordPress community to contribute their expertise. You’ll find advice from folks like Josh Pollock, Founder of Caldera WP, and Mason James, CEO and Founder of digital agency Valet.

Migrating a WordPress site isn’t as easy as ctrl+c, ctrl+v. The Quickstart Guide to WordPress Migration can help you through the entire process. Whether you’re thinking about migrating, ready to start, or picking up the pieces from a disastrous first attempt, this guide can help.

Ready to get moving? 

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