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Announcing Pantheon Localdev Early Access

Today, I'm very happy to announce the first release of Pantheon Localdev. The current version is 0.4.2, so it is still in an early-access state, but it has been through extensive internal testing, as well as being put through its paces by members of our Heroes Community. I'm now happy to make it more widely available for production use.

The mission for Localdev is democratizing access to Pantheon's WebOps workflow. While it is built on top of a modern stack, which includes both Docker and Lando, it presents a polished and easy-to-use GUI interface for getting sites from Pantheon into a workable local state. Power developers who are comfortable with the CLI are likely to have more fun just working with Lando directly.

As of the current release, Localdev connects directly to your site's Dev environment. It is also requires an up-to-date MacOS local machine. As we progress towards 1.0, we will be adding features and support for additional OSs, but following the mission of increasing the accessibility of Pantheon as our North Star. We look forward to helping more developers experience the productivity and quality gains that come with a first-class WebOps workflow, and are very interested to hear user feedback from this early access phase.

You can find more information about the release on the main Localdev page, as well as in our documentation.

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