Announcing Pantheon’s New Site Plans

Today we’re announcing new site plans with increased traffic limits and lots more storage to better accommodate the needs of websites launching on or migrating to Pantheon.

This is the first-ever increase to our prices, and we’ve added a lot of value since we got started—free HTTPS, a world-class integrated Global CDN, New Relic APM Pro, and more—all without adding cost. We’ve also learned more about how customers use our platform, and have heard a great deal of feedback as to where our plans fit, or leave a gap.

Before we get into the details, I want to assure our existing customers that there’s no immediate impact or change to your Pantheon experience. Today’s announcement applies to new online site plan purchases only. For customers on an annual contract, nothing is changing, and for customers who’ve purchased “the old plans” (Personal, Professional, Business) via the dashboard, there will be a seamless, managed transition plan that won’t start until the end of June. Read on for the details.

Basic and Performance

Pantheon is simplifying to two plans, but adding various sizes to accommodate a wider range of use cases. The first question to ask when considering the plans should be “what am I trying to do on the web?”

Looking across thousands of successful customers, we see Pantheon usage on a site-by-site basis fitting into a couple clear patterns. Depending on where your website falls, you’ll be a better fit in one plan or another.

There are lots of websites that just need a great home: they want to be fast, secure, and always online. Once they go live, they’re pretty much set. For those sites, our new Basic plan is a great choice. Basic plans are affordable and include the unrivaled performance, workflow, and reliability that make Pantheon the best place to run Drupal and WordPress websites.

But more and more websites are on a mission. Their goal is to drive a business or organization or cause forward. They’re measured by sales numbers, content reach, search rank, conversion rates, on CPC for AdWords, or the CPM for their own traffic. These sites belong on our Performance plan, which comes in four sizes.

The size range of Performance lets customers go further in terms of traffic and data storage than ever before, but also starts with a smaller size for ambitious sites that want the full toolbox for optimization, but haven’t hit the big time just yet.

Pantheon Plans Overview

Handling Scale With Overage Protection

The Basic plan includes a good amount traffic—more than the old “Personal” plan—and because we’re Pantheon, if you get hit with a huge surge in popularity we’ll keep you online. Since you’re not an isolated droplet—or crammed onto a shared server—you don’t just crash or go dark. If you’re lucky enough to get internet-famous and go over your plan limits, there’s a simple, mechanical overage rate that will kick in at the end of your billing cycle.

Performance plans are built for ambition. They have redundant infrastructure which delivers a measured uptime of over 99.99%. The larger sizes include deployment across multiple instances with load balancing.

This is the kind of setup you need when your day to day business depends on your website, or when you’re hacking and hustling for growth. Maybe you’ll get tweeted by Oprah, capture a national news cycle, or have a daily deal that goes viral. We want you to go for it, with zero fear of success.

As I mentioned before, these new plans are designed to handle more traffic, with the XL size of the Performance plan capable of serving over a million pages a month. This will help bridge the gap between our self-service online plans and our high-traffic, SLA-backed Elite contract plans.

And because we know Performance plan sites are gunning for glory, they all include Overage Protection, a new Pantheon feature. The same way our platform handles the technical end of sudden success, Overage Protection covers the budget. If you go over your limit one month because you have a big hit, you won’t pay for it. If you’re over twice in a row, congrats on finding a formula for repeat success! You’ll be adjusted into the appropriate plan that fits your needs on your next billing cycle.

The point is: swing for the fences.

Preferred Pricing

The final change is the introduction of preferred pricing. This is a discount on our new list prices. For starters, we’re giving it to all our existing customers and anyone who buys in the next few months. However, after this introductory period, the preferred price will only be available to customers working with one of Pantheon’s qualified agency partners.

We’ve found that our happiest and most successful customers are those who work with a great digital agency to drive their online goals. We’ve also found that a lot of web professionals who “take care of everything” for their clients love using Pantheon. Preferred pricing is our way of recognizing that these folks make everything run smoother.

The Rollout

The new plans are available for new site purchases now. If you have a project in progress on Pantheon, but are not working with an agency and don’t plan to, buy your new site soon to lock in preferred pricing.

For existing customers on “classic” plans (Personal, Professional, and Business), no action is necessary and nothing will change until the end of June. At that time, these sites will be automatically migrated to their new appropriate plan with preferred pricing locked in. We’ll be in touch with existing customers over the next few months to make sure they understand what plan they will transition to and everything runs smoothly.

We also plan to announce an annual pricing option with even deeper discounts, so customers who are happy and plan to stick with our platform long-term can save even more. Stay tuned for that update.

This is the first change in how our service is bundled since January 2013 when we introduced a larger plan (“Business”) to serve more ambitious sites that still weren’t ready for an annual enterprise contract conversation. That was a good move. We’re similarly excited to see where these new plans take us.

Check out our new plan offerings here.

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