Announcing the Google Maps WordPress Block

It seems like everyone in the community is talking about Gutenberg, the upcoming reimagining of the WordPress editor. I've spent the last few weeks diving into Gutenberg and learning how to create custom blocks.

My preferred way to learn something new is to create real, useful projects, which is why I am excited to announce the Pantheon Google Maps Embed Gutenberg Block Plugin.

As you might expect, the block allows you to embed Google Maps in the new Gutenberg editor. After setting up an API key, simply enter a location, such as "New York, NY," or a full address.

You may also choose the map aspect ratio, the zoom level, and toggle between an interactive map or a static image in the block settings, which are visible in the right-hand sidebar when the block is selected.

The code for this plugin is open source and has a GPLv2 license, so feel free to use in your projects freely. The code is also on GitHub, so you can take a look under the hood and see how to create blocks with Gutenberg. Whether you're just trying Gutenberg out or looking to learn how to create your own custom blocks, check it out!

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