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Allan Chappell on MidCamp and Modern Code With D7

One Drupal camp I look forward to year after year is MidCamp. I got the chance to sit down with Allan Chappell, Support Team Technical Lead at Four Kitchens to talk about his session.

What is his talk all about?

What drove Allan to pitch this particular talk, Make Drupal 7 Development Fun and Modern, is his personal drive to make everything he works with fun and keep his skills fresh. His hope is that people can walk away with an appreciation for Composer and X Autoload, even if they’re not able to upgrade to Drupal 8. This seems like a particularly hot topic with Drupal 7’s end of life recently announced and alternatives like Backdrop picking up steam. But by embracing these tools in Drupal 7 today, we can be prepared for working on new projects tomorrow. Naturally, this helps Allan keep his work in support interesting while preparing him for the future.

If someone can’t make it to MidCamp?

You will still be able to catch Allan’s talk thanks to Kevin Thull, who will be recording all the sessions to put on Drupal.tv and the MidCamp Youtube channel. (Consider making a donation to the Drupal Recording Initiative mentioned in this video.) In addition, Allan is planning to release a blog post on this subject. We will update this post with the link in the future.  

What other talks is Allan excited about?

  1. Backdrop CMS: past and future by Jen Lampton

  2. Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS by David Needham

  3. Level Up Your Drupal 8 Configuration Management by Scott Weston

What are you looking forward to at MidCamp?

“Diversity, culture, and rich content” are the first things Allan talked about. There is a fun, crazy, innovative energy to the camp itself. Socially, this is one of the most fun events around. We get a rich technical knowledge through the talks, but we also get the rich nightlife Chicago has to offer.

What Chicago really means to Allan though is getting to see the community and getting to know all the folks that came from that community.

We are looking forward to another great year at MidCamp with Allan. Have you bought a ticket yet? See you there!


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