ACEing It: Sharing My Passion at Pantheon

I’m a firm believer that fate is a real thing. There are specific events that happen in your life that lead you to your next challenge. I’ve had a lot of forked-paths that could have gone a completely different way. I can’t help but think that each path I chose has led me to this beautiful, scenic road trip. You know, the kind that you wish would never end—except when you need food or a good stretch—because the scenery is so miraculous that you feel like you are in a completely different world. When you have great people around you it’s easy to be happy and downright ecstatic about your life.

My Two Passions: Family & Technology

By far the most important path choice was my husband. He’s hilarious, smart as a whip and has a heart of gold. Thanks to him and our crazy friendship and marriage, we have been blessed with four beautiful children—three boys and a baby girl. Each one with their own unique personality, constantly filling my heart with more love and joy than I could ever imagine.

My other major path has been technology. Not long after college, I started teaching myself web development and it didn’t take me long to realize it was my true calling. Upon moving to the Minneapolis area, I found an amazing organization called Girl Develop It where I taught and built curriculum on web development. It became my new favorite thing to do (outside of hanging out with my family). Girl Develop It helped me realize that I enjoyed introducing people to technology—especially women. Which very recently led into me establishing a non-profit organization that teaches kids to code called Coders of Tmrw. (Side note: if you are interested in getting involved, let me know.)

Sharing My Love for Web Development with Pantheon Agency Partners

Now we get to the good part—the part where I join Pantheon. Upon finding the career posting I thought to myself, “Is this job for real?!” I am kind of a unusual  developer in that I am very extroverted and thrive on tasks like client meetings, training, and public speaking.

Could I really have found a job that includes all of my favorite things? Of course, I started digging online and stumbled upon Steve’s post, Agency and Community Engineer ++, where he spoke about all these areas as his job as an ACE. At that moment I knew the Agency and Community Engineer role was an absolute perfect fit for me. They must have agreed because the rest of the team and I hit it off from the very moment we started talking. To top it all off, they had a team retreat in San Francisco just days after and asked if I would be willing to start right away so I could attend. I, of course, said yes and am glad that I did. It was an amazing first week filled with great information and meeting a lot of very talented, smart people.

I’m so excited to be working with this team and can’t wait to dive in with our agency partners. Surround yourself with great people and you will always succeed—Pantheon does exactly that.

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