7 Ways to Accelerate Growth with Advanced Global CDN

In this post, Fatima Sarah Khalid, a developer programs engineer at Pantheonexplores the benefits of Advanced Global CDN, and how this recent addition to our WebOps stack helps drive results in digital marketing.  

Advanced Global CDN

Earlier this year, Pantheon launched Advanced Global CDN. This extends our Global CDN offering with lots of exciting options including domain masking, optimized firewalls, and powerful edge functionality. Early adopters are already seeing major success with this new tool, and we are excited to see more customers using Advanced Global CDN to take their WebOps team to the next level.

From managing multiple sites to controlling your content based on regions, Advanced Global CDN accelerates growth in multiple ways. In this post, I explore seven major benefits of this tool, and how it helps WebOps teams drive real results. 

1. Deploy Seamless Migrations 

If you work for a digital agency (as I once did), you likely understand the pain of site relaunches. Clients pour entire budgets into these relaunches, and your team inevitably works overtime—early in the mornings and late into the evenings—to quickly address issues after the relaunch goes live. With Advanced Global CDN, you don’t have to flip the switch on a whole new site anymore. You can kill the relaunch entirely and migrate your site iteratively over time. 

Not only does this allow your team to be agile, it also gives you immense flexibility. Interested in Drupal 9, but not sure about migrating your entire site? Using domain masking, you can support a hybrid Drupal 8 + Drupal 9 site. If your development team wants to try new technologies, but you’re not in a position to re-platform due to time or stakeholder buy-in, domain masking can also help you experiment with decoupled architecture or static site generators on a page-by-page basis.

2. Manage Multiple Sites Without Subdomains

If you’re an organization with a lot of sub-teams like a university or hospital, it's a heavy lift to keep all your sites compliant with security regulations. This is where domain masking comes in; it isn’t just great for seamless site migrations, it’s also a key component of managing multiple sites. 

With Advanced Global CDN’s domain masking and reverse proxy features, you can grant your web teams independence, without losing governance over SEO or the configuration of subdomains. This means you can manage WordPress and Drupal sites together, without losing the flexibility of having separate backend technologies for each site. It also gives you the ability to deploy incremental migrations and updates. 

3. Protect Your Sites With a Sophisticated Firewall

If you’re serious about security, you’re going to love our additional Web Application Firewall (WAF) offering. A web application firewall increases your site security by inspecting each request before it’s sent to your CMS, and then rapidly applying rules to ensure your site is secure. Instead of rolling your own configuration, you can leave it to us! At Pantheon, we’ve optimized the WAF with OWASP & WAF Rules for WordPress and Drupal sites. 

We also offer custom WAF services to help you build a comprehensive edge-based firewall and will help you calibrate it to your needs. This is all possible due to our partnership with Fastly and their many points of presence across the world. 

4. Control Your Content Based on Region

In a rapidly evolving world, control over your content is becoming increasingly important. With Advanced Global CDN’s geolocation edge control, you can tweak your sites to ensure only certain content is loaded in certain regions. You can go a step further and create a localized experience based on city, state, or zip code.

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5. Your Static Sites Will Always be Online… Even When They’re Not

In the event of a network outage or server interruption, the last known good version of your site can be set to cache for your users instead of showing them a 404 page. This custom edge configuration feature allows you to create and adjust backup/stale content. 

Our Persistent Uptime feature allows Advanced Global CDN to cache working versions of your content all across the world. In the event of a site outage, your static content will continue to work, saving your brand and buying you some time to get your dynamic functions back online. 

6. Optimize Your Rich Media

There are two ways to optimize images: (1) inside your CMS with plugins and (2) using a CDN. However, optimizing images via your CMS is an expensive computation and, if you have a site with a lot of rich media content, that’ll slow you down. In many cases, you also have to present image styles and you can’t account for everything, including what sizes and types of images may be used or the various devices visitors will be using.

With Advanced Global CDN’s image optimization (IO), you’ll be able to improve page load times, reduce hosting costs, and deliver quality media content to all your users. Using IO you can also track people’s devices and connection strengths, and optimize and deliver content accordingly. 

P.S: If you want a cool website with gifs, you’ll need Advanced Global CDN ;)

7. We're Always Hosting Two Versions of Your Site

A fully redundant hot backup of your entire site can be ready to switch on at a moment’s notice. With Advanced Global CDN’s Enterprise Blue/Green Support, we are always hosting two versions of your site and the second one is ready to go live when needed. 

Having a green backup will reduce downtime and risk — you’ll be able to test and see your site before it goes live in an identical production environment. For more reliability, you can also configure backup integration points for your APIs and third party libraries.

With Advanced Global CDN, Pantheon has extended its Global CDN offering (still included free of charge for all customers) to support unique customizations and use cases at the edge. Whether you're managing a complex site structure, or trying to deliver media-rich experiences to your users, Advanced Global CDN helps keep your site secure, manageable, and performant.


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