Pantheon 2016: Year in Review

2016 was milestone year for Pantheon. We hired our 100th Pantheor, launched more than 50,000 new WordPress and Drupal sites, and worked every day/week/month to improve our product.

We deploy to Pantheon across our entire platform multiple times a day, making thousands of changes throughout the year. Here is the highlight reel of major releases from this past year:


  • Created to explain and demystify WordPress performance and scaling best practices

  • Made it easy to integrate third party services such as Slack, Jira, and Jenkins with Pantheon via our Quicksilver Platform Hooks

  • Enabled advanced site configurations such as nested docroots, protected web paths, and PHP versions easier via pantheon.yml

  • Made Terminus authentication seamless via machine token authentication

  • Enabled Single-Sign-On (SSO) via SAML authentication


  • Offered Priority Enterprise Support for web teams who wanted a unified support umbrella to cover every developer on every site instead of support on a per-site basis


  • Made site performance debugging much easier by giving New Relic Pro away for free to all developers for all sites


  • Automated WordPress site migrations, just install our plugin and we do the rest

  • Sped up site performance on Pantheon via PHP 7 support


  • Our friends launched Kalabox 2.0, providing a seamless local development option for Pantheon


  • Offered free real-time chat support to reduce our support resolution time and expanded our support coverage to 365/24/7 to help developers working around the clock


  • Revamped our Documentation site to make finding things easier and to better explain concepts via video demonstrations

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