Secure Integration

Open data, not firewalls.

The cloud is perfect for web teams who need to build and manage large open source websites. But until now, firewall requirements kept some organizations from moving their websites to the cloud.

Pantheon's Secure Integration makes the cloud secure for anyone who needs to keep data sources protected behind a firewall. Safely share data while your website runs in the cloud. No more servers to configure.

Close the Security Loop with Secure Integration

Lock down connections from a website on the Pantheon platform to behind-the-firewall data sources. Pantheon's Secure Integration creates an encrypted tunnel between each application container running your website and a secure outbound gateway on the platform. The managed integration service is highly available, and requires no server maintenance.

Easy to Configure, More Secure

Your website can query your internal service directly from the cloud, without anyone needing to maintain a duplicate set of records. Only the specific traffic you request is routed through the Gateway.

Pantheon’s Secure Integration vs a VPN

Are you considering a VPN to connect your website to internal data sources? Your existing VPN will need to support the same technologies as your website hosting provider. If you implement a VPN to secure your website, will the web servers live on the same network as email and other internal services? Pantheon’s approach to secure integration limits surface area and processes only the traffic the website explicitly sends, preventing unnecessary bandwidth use and slowdowns.

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