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A Leader in Managed Hosting

Pantheon's WebOps Platform ranks as a Leader by G2 Crowd
- based on customer satisfaction and market presence.

Managed Hosting Provider Rankings by G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd Grid® for Managed Hosting Providers

Lightning-Fast Hosting Features

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Drupal Hosting

One-click core updates, no server management, and the highest performance possible.

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Wordpress Hosting

Pantheon is the fastest, most reliable high performance hosting solution for WordPress websites.

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WooCommerce Hosting

Boost sales with faster page loads and all the security and infrastructure you need to grow (or scale) your business.


Help your organization achieve more value from your websites with Pantheon.


To qualify for inclusion in the Managed Hosting category, a service provider must:
  • Provide rentable server space on which users can host websites
  • Set up and configure server infrastructure for use by customers
  • Install and configure operating systems and software packages as requested
  • Provide regularly available technical support
  • Monitor, maintain, and update hardware and operating systems, and install patches as necessary
  • Upgrade integrated software packages as permitted by customers

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