Faster sites win. Speed delivered as a service.

Search engines consider page load times as part of determining your page rank, and even a 10th of a second faster performance has been shown to change user preferences and interactions with websites.

Pantheon has blazingly fast site speed built-in. The infrastructure was designed and built by performance fanatics. Every aspect of the platform is optimized and tuned to deliver the best possible response times for your website.

And it shows. Multiple independent benchmarks have compared Pantheon with other providers, and we consistently come out on top.

Varnish and Redis

High-speed page caching and robust application object caching are built directly into the platform. Every site on Pantheon has a robust Varnish infrastructure that caches pages for anonymous visitors at the highest possible performance.

Redis can also accelerate your site’s internal operations through application object caching. This can significantly accelerate dynamic page generation and the logged-in user experience.

100% SSD-Backed Underlying Infrastructure

Pantheon’s infrastructure is the best in the business. Unlike that maxed-out Dell box from three years ago, that wobbly VPS, or that shared EC2 instance, our fleet of servers is constantly growing, always refreshing. No noisy neighbors. No need to reboot in response to a traffic surge. Ever.

Our production fleet is powered by dreadnaught class machines with latest-gen multicore processors with memory to burn. It’s 100% backed by SSDs for blazing database performance.

Optimized Linux Environment

The core operating system is constantly updated and optimized. This has many benefits—especially for security.  It’s also key to delivering the best possible performance. We stay on the cutting edge with optimizations for making the most out of our infrastructure, from the kernel up.

Application Performance Monitoring

Pantheon integrates with New Relic right out of the box. As the leader in application performance monitoring, New Relic gives developers instant access to x-ray vision for optimizing websites.

High Performance PHP

The vanilla LAMP stack may be easy to install, but it’s not really a production-ready tool. Hundreds of configuration options for PHP can make or break your site performance. We’ve dialed them in, so you don’t have to.

Tuned MySQL

Our optimized database service makes the most of the high-performance InnoDB storage engine. We’ve tweaked and tuned it to maximize query performance and ensure data integrity. Your database can scale horizontally with read replicas, enabling increased query performance at high volume.