Managed HTTPS

Free, automated, and managed forever.

HTTPS Is Not Optional

HTTPS is the secure variant of the HTTP protocol. It creates secure connections by providing authentication and encryption between a browser and website. HTTPS protects the security and data integrity for both your website and your visitors' personal information.

Sites not running under HTTPS are penalized with poor SEO results in Google and alarming user experiences for visitors. Google Chrome now shows a “Not secure” warning for all non-HTTPS websites and Firefox displays a gray lock icon with a red strike-through in the address bar for non-HTTPS sites. The web has standardized on HTTPS, it is no longer an option.


Websites without HTTPS are insecure


Add HTTPS to secure your website

Hassle-free HTTPS

Pantheon includes fully managed and free HTTPS on a CDN at all account tiers. We obtain and manage high-grade encryption with TLS 1.3 for all of your sites and deploy it worldwide on Global CDN.

Goodbye SSL Certificate Lifecycle Management

“Cert management” was not a part of your job description for a reason—it’s tedious, time-consuming, and not a good use of development hours. Through our partnership with Let's Encrypt and the magic of our Global CDN configuration, Pantheon can now completely automate and manage the certificate hosting and renewal process.


Pantheon saves you dozens of hours by automating the HTTPS process


End to End encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Most hosting providers require you to terminate HTTPS in their datacenter, and some “free HTTPS” CDNs will only encrypt the front half of your traffic. With Pantheon, HTTPS is terminated on our edge layer, so encryption of sensitive information happens as quickly and as close to your sites’ visitors as possible. We guarantee end-to-end HTTPS integrity; from the Global CDN edge to the PHP container on our platform—there are no air gaps.

Dedicated Certificates

With Pantheon, all custom domains on a site environment receive a dedicated HTTPS certificate. Other platforms often bundle 100 or more customers onto a single certificate—or charge extra for a private certificate. With fully dedicated certificates, your reputation and online brand are under your control. We’re proud to offer dedicated certificates to all our customers.


Dedicated HTTPS certificate

Global CDN with Experience Protection

Deliver resilient digital experiences worldwide with our zero maintenance, always included content delivery network (CDN) powered by Fastly.

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Pantheon Launches Global CDN + Automated HTTPS for All Sites

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