Web Hosting Solutions for Ecommerce

Pantheon powers ecommerce sites with hosting and tools that generate sales faster.


Boost sales with faster page loads and all the security and infrastructure you need to grow (or scale) your business.

Focus on sales, not servers.

Your business is too important to depend on a black box with unreliable performance. Websites that run on Pantheon’s Google Cloud infrastructure don’t go down for traffic spikes, security updates, or server upgrades. They come up sooner in search engine rankings, too, driving customers to purchase decisions faster.

Don’t let page speed slow down sales.

Unrivaled speed makes Pantheon’s high-performance web hosting ecommerce platform the best place to host Drupal and WordPress sites. According to Google, you can expect to see a 10% drop in conversions for every 3 seconds it takes for a page to load. That means if you spend $1 million on digital advertising, you’d burn $100,000 just because you have a slow website.

Integrate your favorite ecommerce software.

Pantheon makes it easy to run your favorite apps, software, and services like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Drupal Commerce on our platform. Incorporating your team’s preferred tools will not only make them happy, but it will increase productivity as well.

High-Performance Hosting for Ecommerce Sites

Build rock-solid Drupal and WordPress sites that can weather all kinds of traffic.

99.99% Uptime

Your site’s uptime is measured thousands of times a minute. We can scale sites from hundreds to millions of pageviews in minutes.

Speed & Security

HTTPS and a CDN are built into the platform to deliver content anywhere across the globe securely and at blazing fast speeds.

24x7 Live Support

Our support team is staffed by Drupal and WordPress developers and performance experts who are available by chat, email, and phone.

I don’t want to think about hosting, that’s not where our company dwells. Pantheon allows us to focus on the business.
David Applegate , CTO, Wrestling Mart

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