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Script it and forget it.

Terminus is Pantheon’s Command Line Interface. It provides a terminal interface for any action you might want to perform on the Pantheon platform. You get to work on Pantheon even faster by skipping the dashboard UI, and automating your processes through scripts. Perform any task you might do in the Pantheon dashboard, including actions via Drush and WP-CLI, minus the mouse and browser. Just you and your command line—swoon.



Terminus allows you to work the way you want: quickly and directly. Kiss clicking around on a browser screen goodbye. Take it to the next level with plugins—even create your own—to integrate other parts of your toolchain: database clients, IDEs, and more.

Quicksilver and Terminus


With Terminus, you can script and automate repetitive tasks across multiple sites—like security updates—rather than clicking in and out of each site you manage on the dashboard to do the same action. Terminus is a non-negotiable for developers working with multiple sites.



Automating more of your workflow not only saves time, it lowers the risk of human error over tedious processes. Terminus also allows you to integrate with industry standard solutions for CI and automated testing to make that part of your Pantheon website development workflow.

Founded and run by developers, Pantheon gets that preference matters when it comes to development. It’s why we built a CLI into our website management platform.

Top Terminus Use Cases:

  • Automatically sanitizing Dev databases after cloning content from Live
  • Accessing development resources without leaving the console.
  • Automated testing and continuous integration.
  • Applying mass updates across many sites.

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