How Lullabot Leverages Terminus CLI to Boost Productivity

Webinar Length: 61 Minutes
  • How Terminus powers Lullabot’s support and maintenance department and how it is integrated into its deployment processes
  • Everyday use cases where Terminus can be used to boost efficiency
  • How to build Terminus scripts that automate complex workflows
  • How your agency can be more productive using Terminus
  • What’s next on the Terminus product roadmap


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About This Event

Most agencies don’t realize the power of Terminus, Pantheon’s command-line interface, and haven’t put it to serious use like the expert team at Lullabot. David Burns will share how Lullabot uses Terminus to save loads of time with deployments, site support, and maintenance.   

Terminus provides a command-line interface for any action you might want to perform on the Pantheon platform. You get to work even faster by skipping the dashboard UI, and automating your processes through scripts. Terminus lets you perform any task you can typically do in the Pantheon dashboard, including actions via Drush and WP-CLI. 

In addition to learning about everyday use cases where Terminus makes things easier, the experts at Lullabot will walk you through a demo of the interface so that you can learn more about the basics of scripting with Terminus. Finally, Pantheon’s own Senior Product Manager, Nathan Tyler, will discuss the newest updates in Terminus 3 and what’s on the product roadmap for the future.


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Nathan Tyler Headshot

Nathan Tyler

Senior Product Manager


Kyle Taylor Headshot

Kyle Taylor

Principal Sales Engineer


David Burns Headshot

David Burns

Director of Support & Maintenance

How Lullabot Leverages Terminus CLI to Boost Productivity

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