Drupal 9

Continuously optimize and innovate to deliver more engaging digital experiences. Learn why Drupal and Pantheon are a perfect pair for agile teams.

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Learn how to get started with Drupal 9 on the Pantheon WebOps platform.

Our Roots Are in Drupal

As long-standing members of the Drupal community, we saw the need for a better way to host, develop, and optimize Drupal. With Pantheon, you get the fastest performance in the industry, powerful developer tools, and enterprise-grade security. Pantheon’s platform brings you the full benefit of Drupal 9 and future versions.

Keep Iterating

Drupal 9 marks a new era and a more modern approach for managing Drupal websites. Easier upgrade paths enable innovation, so you can continuously improve your website without requiring a major relaunch. Launch faster and more frequently!

Level Up Your Drupal Development

When Drupal 9 is used with Pantheon’s Integrated Composer, you get fewer merge conflicts, smaller repos, and a cleaner workflow.

Unlock options and flexibility with Drupal 9’s API-first architecture, which enable new types of integrations, automation, delivery methods, and decoupled applications.

Make the move to Drupal 9

Thinking about upgrading? Drupal 7 will be widely supported until November 2022 (with long-term support afterward), but Drupal 8 retires in November 2021.

Review our Drupal 9 docs for resources on moving to Drupal 9. 


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