How to Kill the Website Relaunch

Rethink the website relaunch and learn to iterate on your digital experience so you can drive growth with WebOps tools and processes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The common pitfalls and challenges associated with website relaunches.
  • Continuous integration strategies to make your websites more dynamic.
  • How to break free of traditional relaunches by adopting WebOps principles.

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About This Ebook

We’ve all heard it before. The upcoming website relaunch is going to magically make everything better. It will only take a few months to get the new website live. Then people will love your new site, you’ll get more leads, and business will finally be great.

We know how the story really goes. A few months turns into six months. Soon it’s been over a year. The new website still hasn't launched. The old website gets more outdated by the day. Your team is frustrated. When the new website finally goes live, things aren’t as dreamy as you imagined, and your conversion metrics take a nosedive.

In this guide, you will learn how to transition from lengthy, ineffective website relaunches to a more sustainable approach - continuous improvement with WebOps.


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How to Kill the Website Relaunch

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