Touchstone Energy® Achieves WebOps Excellence to Better Serve Their Members

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Touchstone Energy is a national network of electric cooperatives across 46 states providing research, communications resources, and employee training programs for member cooperatives. The Touchstone Energy SHiNE team has since migrated over 500 sites to Pantheon in just five months to provide a better digital experience to their members using their custom platform.


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“Migrating 500+ sites with zero downtime takes an incredible amount of QA and meticulous care. With the help of Pantheon's talented developers, we built the necessary scripts for automation and even a proof of concept to prove our platform would not only work in their environment but also boost our team’s ability to support our members tenfold,” said Sean Walker, Sr. Manager, Infrastructure Operations and Web Services at Touchstone Energy.

Pantheon is thrilled to honor the Touchstone Energy team for its unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency and empowering the cooperative community to be able to shine online.



Empowering communities through technology

Originally, the Touchstone Energy team approached Pantheon with a question: How can the Pantheon WebOps platform help their members shine online with a comprehensive partnership model?

Pantheon’s answer was to offload Touchstone Energy’s security and compliance concerns and let the team focus their energy on creating meaningful customer experiences.  The platform migration not only modernized the organization’s infrastructure but also resulted in significant staff time savings. The web team could immediately deliver benefits and new updates directly from the platform to their members. Cutting maintenance hours by half, Touchstone Energy has been able to focus their resources on empowering members and unleashing innovation with their new product debut: SHiNE.

SHiNE is the next evolution of the Co-op Web Builder program and truly represents the umbrella of website services that Touchstone Energy provides for their members. This includes several new services and an entirely newly developed SHiNE CMS focused on making communications and marketing staff create beautiful websites with ease.

Since the relaunch, the team has made a significant effort to enhance the online experience for rural members. Through image optimization and a focus on performance across mobile and desktop devices, Touchstone makes sure that co-op members have access to the fastest web experiences possible. Accessibility is at the core of Touchstone Energy's mission, and they continue to prioritize it in all their endeavors alongside a comprehensive Security Platform.


Touchstone Energy Web Team

A trusted partnership for innovation

Pantheon is proud to have partnered with Touchstone Energy on their journey to digital transformation. Together, we achieved remarkable results, from enhancing site member experiences to streamlining site admin processes. The Touchstone Energy team's dedication, creativity and commitment to excellence have truly set them apart. These qualities and so many others have earned Touchstone Energy our Best in WebOps team award.

The Diamond support team at Pantheon has been there every step of the way. This experience has freed up our most talented developers to have more time to spend on custom projects for our members than ever before. Through this process, we effectively regained the hours of one full-time Sr. Developer. The partnership has been a win-win, and I'm proud of all sides. We can't wait to witness the future of our brand-new SHiNE platform and our newly established partnership with Pantheon grow stronger!”

- Sean Walker, Sr. Manager, Infrastructure Operations and Web Services at Touchstone Energy

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