Drupal or WordPress: Which is Best?

WordPress vs Drupal logos

Easy! The answer is clearly WordPress.
Unless it’s Drupal.
Or, sometimes, both…

The Differing Philosophies of WordPress & Drupal

The key to answering the WordPress or Drupal question is understanding that the two systems have differing approaches and goals. WordPress exists to Democratize Publishing. Drupal is for building ambitious digital experiences. Those different goals have led to prioritizing different outcomes, including prioritizing fast and easy publishing by content creators vs facilitating cross-functional teams with content governance workflows.

No Axe to Grind

Pantheon has no axe to grind here. WordPress and Drupal are both built into Pantheon. We understand both. We support both.

Most of the search results for Drupal or WordPress seem to have been written by someone with either a Pro-Drupal or Pro-WordPress agenda. Typically, that person also seems to have a pretty rudimentary or outdated understanding of the other system.

So, instead of complaining, we have acted. We have recently launched our guide to understanding the differing philosophies between WordPress and Drupal.

Drupal or WordPress: Which is Better for You?

As with many simple questions, answering which is better for you requires a better understanding of your situation and intent… which means that you need to answer some questions of your own before you can discover your best answer.

The Key Questions

In our guide, we highlight the key questions you need to consider before making the right choice for your organization. They include:

  1. Is your content highly structured and interrelated?

  2. Will you use your content on a website or in many different places?

  3. Do you want to control costs or control details?

  4. Is publishing quickly more important than working with a team?

  5. Do you want out-of-the-box solutions or customizable start states?

  6. Does your team’s background lend itself to one CMS or the other?

Go Check It Out!

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out WordPress vs Drupal: Choosing the Best CMS for Your Needs.

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