Collaborative Workflows: Pantheon’s Drupalcon Nashville Demo

Web development is better together. As we create increasingly ambitious digital experiences and build more mission-critical web presences, the number of people working together on these projects grows. Fading are the days where the list of everything you need to make a website can fit on the back of a postcard. Instead, modern web projects require the efforts of multiple people working closely together in a collaborative fashion. Development sprints are not about grabbing a single task from the proverbial shoebox of photographs that is our development backlog, but are instead about aligning work between the entire team.

As part of our effort to help web development teams work efficiently, Pantheon offers Cloud Integration Tools, which enables teams to integrate their development workflow with the other tools and technologies they already know and love. By connecting Pantheon to your favorite version control service, integrating with your project management tooling, and connecting with your team’s messaging applications, you can improve visibility into your workflow and maximize collaboration.

Pantheon's booth demo at DrupalCon

At Drupalcon Nashville last month, we demonstrated a few of these integrations. Behold the power:

Slack Integration: Collaborate on Each Commit

Integration with Slack is easy using our Slack Notification Quicksilver example code. This allows your team to have visibility into the commits happening on your project in the Slack channel of your choice. Providing these real time updates—as well as a place for the team to comment and respond to them—helps streamline team communication and keeps everyone in the loop. Having a central place for team and workflow communication is critical for project collaboration.

Behat Integration: Test on Every Commit

Testing your code is essential when building performant, successful digital experiences. Testing technologies like Behat and PHPUnit can help improve code quality and prevent regressions. However, you can get the most value out of these practices by doing them regularly and reliably. Pantheon’s integrations with a variety of Continuous Integration services allow you to automatically test each commit and report back those results to your Slack channel.

Performance Integration: Test on Every Deploy

Making sure your site is fast is one of the most important things you can do to achieve your goals online. The slower a site performs, the more likely users are to bounce from the site—often without even reading any of the content! This is one reason why Pantheon offers high-performance hosting for all our customers, providing a speedy foundation on which to build. However, new design changes and code updates can slow down your site. This is why it is important to do performance testing on your site, utilizing a service like to verify that the performance of your site stays optimal. Testing each deployment helps to spot problems quickly and prevents developers from pushing underperforming code to production.

Communication Is Critical

Maintaining visibility into team member work and utilizing tooling to efficiently work together is critical for the success of mission-critical web development projects. With Pantheon’s workflow and Cloud Integration Tools, your team can leverage the power of other technologies—services like GitHub, Slack, Behat, and—to all work better together.

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