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Cloud Integration Tools

Automate and Integrate Your Development Workflow

Pantheon’s Cloud Integration Tools are a suite of tools that allow developers to integrate workflows with their favorite apps and services. They enable a better and more efficient experience with projects on Pantheon, more automation of workflows, and better visibility into workflow operations.

Quicksilver Platform Hooks

Quicksilver Platform Hooks

Quicksilver Platform Hooks provides the ability to script actions to happen automatically in response to activity on the Pantheon platform, including triggering outbound events like notifications and cache-clearing.

Currently, Quicksilver Platform Hooks supports a limited set of functionality. Over time, more actions and hooks will be added. Quicksilver supports the following workflows:

  • Pushing code via Git or the Pantheon dashboard
  • Cloning the database between environments
  • Clearing the cache
  • Creating a site
  • Creating a Multidev environment

Additionally, ready-to-use recipes make popular operations easy to set up. You can find PHP scripts for flows like:

  • Automatically sanitizing Dev databases after cloning content from Live
  • Marking deployments in New Relic to track improvements or regressions
  • Posting notifications to Slack of platform actions
  • Running CI automatically after syncing the Test environment
pantheon yml Configuration File

The pantheon.yml Configuration File

Quicksilver Platform Hooks is accessed via a new interface to manage configuration in different environments. We’ve built out support for this in a simple but powerful project configuration in the YAML language. When you trigger a Quicksilver-enabled workflow, the platform runs Quicksilver operations stored in the Pantheon YAML file located in your codebase.

Quicksilver and Terminus

Quicksilver Platform Hooks & Terminus

Developers using Terminus, Pantheon’s command-line interface, can generate Machine Tokens, authentication tokens for specific machines (e.g. one for a user’s laptop, one for a CI service), to manage access across a range of use cases. Together with authentication with Terminus Machine Tokens, Quicksilver Platform Hooks can be used to automate processes that run outside the user’s computer without needing to share passwords.

Terminus also includes advanced interfaces for tracking workflow progress and status on Pantheon.



Agencies, Enterprises, and EDUs on Pantheon can use Pantheon’s SAML integration to use best practice organization-wide single sign-on (SSO) technologies. Organizations with a SAML-compatible SSO solution can use their existing identity provider to authenticate employees to the Pantheon dashboard. This allows organizations to unify login across services and can help ensure the security of web processes.


Platform Integrations

GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, Jira—A consistent workflow leads to successful projects with fewer headaches. Drupal and WordPress developers can use the Pantheon platform with the tools and technologies they already know and love.
See how Pantheon integrates with other services.

Integrate with your favorite tools

With Cloud Integration Tools, we can automate more of our work, making our teams more efficient, and easily integrate with other tools in our workflow.

Brian Thompson, Lead Developer, Mindgrub

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