Pantheon Announces New Collaboration with Google Cloud to Simplify Access to a Complete WebOps Platform

Pantheon’s next-generation WebOps capabilities give marketing leaders a complete view of how digital experiences are driving their businesses on Google Cloud.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA (March 29, 2021) -- Pantheon, the website operations (WebOps) platform for developers and marketers, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, providing marketing leaders with an easy path to move their legacy web strategies to a modern WebOps platform with ease. The Pantheon WebOps Platform provided as a SaaS offering on Google Cloud makes purchase and deployment easy while providing all the powerful tools needed to enable a distributed development team to collaborate efficiently on fast-paced marketing initiatives.  

“Google Cloud enables Pantheon to be one of the most accessible, flexible, and leading WebOps platforms available,” said David Straus, CTO of Pantheon. “By making Pantheon accessible on Google Cloud, more users will have access to our operational benefits with the added reliability of cloud infrastructure. This exciting combination of flexibility and security empowers web teams to perform even more optimally and deliver unique business value.”

Pantheon was a pioneer of the development of a WebOps platform for the open web, making it easy for businesses to scale their digital efforts and enable websites to be agile tools for rapidly changing digital marketing and customer engagement. Globally distributed points of presence on Google Cloud and a continual focus on platform software performance provide an incredible website visitor experience, no matter where a site’s visitors are geographically located.

The Pantheon WebOps Platform provides the ability to manage, federate, and secure all WordPress and Drupal sites from a central dashboard. Built-in tools monitor site performance and protect production environments from downtime, all while enabling web teams to collaborate in real-time in agile development environments. Through a single platform, Pantheon unites front- and back-end developers to accelerate developer collaboration.

"More than ever, businesses need to be able to deliver exceptional online experiences, which means developers need access to next-generation WebOps tools and the ability to deliver these experiences with low-latency, regardless of geography," said Nirav Sheth, Director, ISV and Partner Sales at Google Cloud. "We're delighted to support the availability of Pantheon's WebOps platform at a global scale on Google Cloud, to make deployment very simple with Google Cloud Marketplace, and to ensure that developers have access to cloud capabilities that can power these next-generation experiences for consumers online."

With the Pantheon software now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, users can quickly deploy a WebOps platform that runs on Google Cloud. Pantheon has been running as a SaaS offering on Google Cloud since 2017. Upon moving to Google Cloud, Pantheon has added tens of thousands of new sites to its platform, while growing its customer base, which already includes brands such as DocuSign, Lyft, Clorox, Home Depot, Yale, MGM, and ACLU by over 4x. Pantheon has also expanded its offering to availability zones in the EU, APAC, and Canada.

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About Pantheon

Pantheon is the platform for websites that deliver extraordinary performance, running sites in the cloud for customers including Okta, Google, Home Depot, Pernod Ricard and Doctors Without Borders. Modern organizations choose Pantheon to empower their digital teams to continuously optimize and innovate to deliver more engaging digital experiences. Using Pantheon’s WebOps platform, developers, marketers and IT are empowered to work together to develop, test, and release website changes quickly and reliably, knowing their sites will remain stable and secure – even during the biggest traffic spikes.

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