Maintaining Your WooCommerce Website

How to ensure your site stays reliable and performant

Tessa Kriesel

Former Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon

Nathan Tyler

Senior Product Manager, Pantheon

Cody Landefeld

Creative Lead, Mode Effect

About this webinar:

Reliability, speed, and security are the three most important aspects of your WooCommerce site. For every second of delay, you could lose 7% of your sales.

Establishing a solid workflow and maintenance strategy are key to ensuring that your site stays functional and performant, even as you roll out new features and theme changes. Join Nathan Tyler of Staging Pilot, Cody Landefeld of Mode Effect, and Tessa Kriesel of Pantheon, while they discuss the important aspects of maintaining your WooCommerce site.

What you’ll learn:

  • Efficient developer workflow
  • Automated testing techniques
  • Optimized theming tips for WooCommerce
  • Why quality hosting is important