Concern Worldwide Improves User Experience, Increases Donations with SystemSeed & Pantheon


Concern Worldwide is a humanitarian organization dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering worldwide. Their main website,, lets visitors donate towards specific appeals and see how their money is distributed. Concern’s development agency, SystemSeed, relies on Pantheon for reliable and responsive service, allowing its client to spend less on overhead and raise more money in donations.

Concern Worldwide is at the forefront of a revolution in charitable giving. Their website,, enables people from around the world to donate to specific causes, or to set up an automated monthly donation. Concern Worldwide also operates, where people can sign up to participate in fundraising events.

Because Concern Worldwide is committed to making digital a priority, they need a reliable web platform that is easy to maintain, but also keeps costs low. They also need to continually adapt to their audience’s changing browsing habits with a reliable, optimized mobile site.

Concern asked their Drupal agency, SystemSeed, to find a solution. SystemSeed recommended Pantheon for affordable, best-in-class performance.

Pantheon lets us to do our jobs as Drupal professionals, and saves Concern financial resources that can be put to better use.

Before Pantheon: High Costs, Complicated Architecture, High Mobile Bounce Rate

Concern Worldwide’s previous hosting solution required SystemSeed to spend many sprint cycles to simply keep the sites optimized in order to develop new features. Even worse, a lackluster mobile site with slow response times affected users’ experience.

In their role as a technological partner, SystemSeed advised that Concern’s hosting solution was creating unnecessary time and cost to support, and was not robust enough to grow the business into the future. Pantheon was the best fit for Concern’s needs, and SystemSeed took the lead in initiating the migration.

We consider Pantheon to be best-in-breed for hosting as a service—we are able to deliver more, faster with Pantheon.

Choosing Pantheon: Hitting the Sweet Spot

Concern Worldwide is committed to financial transparency. As such, it’s important that they keep their overhead low, so they can show the majority of donations go directly to those in need. Currently, less than 10% of Concern’s budget is dedicated to fundraising and governance.

Even though overhead is a major consideration for any charity, Concern also had to think about their ability to be effective. If the cheapest hosting solution led to downtime and low response times, that would directly affect Concern’s ability to take donations, which would cost money in the long run.

In the end, Concern went with SystemSeed’s recommendation, recognizing that Pantheon hit the sweet spot of affordability and quality.

With Pantheon: Lower Overhead, A Multidev Environment, Responsive Mobile Site

Pantheon takes care of costly IT busywork, lowering Concern’s overhead and freeing up SystemSeed to develop new features. Development is easier on Pantheon thanks to Multidev—instead of pushing code directly to the live site, SystemSeed can spin up test environments quickly and easily. They can thoroughly test code before they merge it with the live site, keeping the master branch streamlined and free of leftover bits of earlier feature pushes and fixes. The Multidev environment makes bug fixing simpler as well, with SystemSeed able to take action on emergencies in minutes.

Just a few years ago, people were still making changes directly on production servers. As things progress, you understand the risks associated with a “local to live” push cycle. It comes down to sound risk management.

With Pantheon, SystemSeed was able to create an improved mobile site, with a better user interface and faster performance. The improvements helped Concern see a 60% increase in revenue via mobile.

The Future: New Features, Better Donation Experience

With Pantheon handling the backend, SystemSeed has more resources to dedicate to performance. The new features they create are high-performing straight out of the gate, and the Multidev environment makes it easy to test and roll out new features.

SystemSeed continues to recommend Pantheon for its agency clients all over the world who are seeking the most cost-effective and efficient hosting platform to support the Drupal framework.

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  • 15% boost in mobile donations

  • 45% increase in number of new users

  • Mobile traffic doubled, with greater conversion from visits

  • Cost-effective, higher quality work from SystemSeed

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