A/B Testing for WordPress & Drupal

What Developers Need to Know About A/B Testing

Matt Stodolnic

VP Marketing & Alliances

Matthew Auerbach

Developer Evangelist, Optimizely

Brad Taylor

Senior Frontend Engineer, Optimizely

About this webinar:

Accurate A/B tests can make a huge difference to the performance and optimization of your website.

The team from Optimizely, the experimentation platform, joins up with Pantheon to explain why A/B testing is essential to the success of you and your clients’ websites. This on-demand webinar covers what A/B testing is, why you should care, and how to best integrate A/B testing into your daily website practices without major investment in infrastructure.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your website with A/B testing best practices
  • Different stages of A/B testing optimization demonstrated with two live demos
  • Three pitfalls of A/B testing, and how to avoid them
  • How to build a testing culture and maintain consistent growth

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