Partnering with Pantheon

Deliver outstanding service and results to your clients while building a more predictable agency business.

Your Foundation for Agency Success

With years of experience in website management under our belts, Pantheon knows one thing for certain: sites launched on our platform that are built and supported by agencies find more success. It’s why we’ve invested in building a product and partner program that serve agencies first. It’s a win, win, win for Pantheon, our agency partners, and their clients. Today over 2,500 agencies partner with Pantheon to provide exceptional digital experiences for their clients.

2,500+ Agencies
10,000+ Developers Trained
11,000+ Sites Launched

Build a Better Business

Grow your predictable, recurring business by extending client engagements while finding new clientele all via Pantheon. The opportunity to co-market and co-sell with Pantheon expands as you advance through the program. From lead sharing, to speaking events, to joint marketing, we know investing in our Partners’ growth is an investment in our own.

Give Clients Better Pricing

Partner Agencies have exclusive access to preferred pricing on Pantheon Plans for their clients. From our smallest Basic Plan to an Elite site serving millions of pageviews, you can guarantee your clients a better rate on Pantheon if they go through you.

Pantheon helps keep our agency connected to our clients for the long term, making it easier to iterate weekly and measure our impact.

Guarantee Success

Pantheon agency partners have access to tailored trainings, education on emerging technology, sales materials, and even dedicated success managers. Instill confidence in your team’s ability to build, launch, and maintain world-class web experiences for your clients with help from Pantheon.


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Tooling & Support Just for Agencies

Pantheon Partners and their clients get premium support and additional tooling regardless of their plan size. Our agency development tools enable better collaboration between your clients, freelancers, and internal team. Plus, all of those stakeholders have priority access to Drupal and WordPress support experts should issues ever arise.

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