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Open Source

Pantheon loves open source. Our platform is built on open source, from OpenStack based cloud infrastructure providers, to Linux distributions, APIs, systems and, of course, the Drupal and WordPress sites our customers work with every day.

Here are some of our open source contributions:

  • Drupal 8: Pantheon team members helped lay out the core architecture for the new Configuration Management system, financially sponsored the initial development, and provided space for sprinting and evangelism for this crucial feature set.

  • WP-CLI: An update to the scaffold child-theme command to correctly enqueue the themes in the generated functions.php. Pantheon has also financially sponsored the work to make a more restful WP-CLI.

  • Drush: Pantheon supports the ongoing work to maintain and improve Drupal's command-line interface.

  • Fedora: Pantheon team members are part of Fedora's Proven Testers program. Additionally, Pantheon runs one of the largest production Fedora server deployments on the internet, taking advantage of the cutting-edge technologies and the positive benefits of a fast release cycle.

  • Sensu: Pantheon team members are core contributors to Sensu, a next-generation monitoring system that enables Pantheon to move quickly and ensure properly functioning systems.

  • cURL: Contributions to main cURL examples for novel use of cURL for stream parsing

  • systemd: Pantheon works closely with the team working on systemd, a linux sys V init replacement that provides process and container management facilities, including hosting sprints with national and international attendence. Pantheon team members have worked on contributed tools for systemd and journald as well.

  • Fusedav: The Valhalla file system and open-source fusedav client are pushing status quo, delivering unprecendented funcationality for content-management storage backends.

  • Panopoly: A powerful base distribution for building Drupal distributions with powerful end user features.

  • Twisted Python: Pantheon has actively sponsored the Twisted Python project, which we use for DNS, SSH, and HTTP services.

  • jenkins-cert-auth: Check out this plugin for Jenkins to enable certificate-based authentication and authorization.

  • kibana_utils: We open-sourced a set of utilites for working with the Kibana log visualization front-end, available on github.

  • Terminus:  A modern PHP based tool for interacting with Pantheon sites.

  • Let's Encrypt: Pantheon is a sponsor, which supports design work on the ACME protocol, the Boulder certificate authority software, and the Let's Encrypt infrastructure that provides widely accepted, no-cost certificates for HTTPS (and other TLS deployments).

  • LibCloud: Enhancements for the python-based cross-cloud provisioning tool.

  • Chef: Pantheon uses Chef extensively. Our approach to Chef is community focused. We leverage community cookbooks as a first option and contribute improvements upstream if we need additional functionality. Being the first large scale systemd user also means we are constantly contributing systemd support to community cookbooks, for example, the logstash and elasticsearch cookbooks. Also check out some Chef report handlers.

  • Site Audit: A collection of Drush commands that analyze a site for compliance with Drupal best practices. Used on Pantheon to power Launch Check, and open-sourced on

  • Generate Errors: A Drupal module development utility for intentionally triggering a variety of errors, open-sourced on

  • Go: Small (but none-the-less important) fixes to Go core HTTP libraries.

  • WP Redis: WordPress plugin to help you back your WP Object cache with Redis, a high-performance in-memory cache.

  • Pantheon-sessions: WordPress plugin that allows the use of native PHP sessions while staying horizontally scalable.

  • stunnel: An update to stunnel to support systemd-based socket activation released in stunnel version 5.05.

  • Improved Documentation: Across many projects large and small! We <3 doc improvements and one-line commits! Did we mention our Documentation site is Open Source?

  • WordPress Launch Check: A set of automated checks that website developers can run to make sure their WordPress site is ready to launch. While developed by Pantheon and integrated into the Pantheon dashboard, WordPress Launch Check is intended to be fully usable outside of Pantheon as an open source WP-CLI plugin on GitHub.