Launch Check

Find out in seconds if your site is ready to launch.

Ready for your big launch? Be sure. Get recommendations and discover site issues fast through a report based on over 50 automated checks. Pantheon Launch Check doesn't just show you problems. It also tells you how to fix them. Most misconfigurations can be easily fixed in minutes. Stop guessing and Googling for answers. We'll give you the cheat sheet so your site launches without issues.

Fast Reports Detect Common Site Problems

  • Drupal caching. Identify optimal settings for both internal and reverse proxy caches.

  • Modules. Spot duplicate modules in the codebase, missing modules that damage performance, development modules in live environments, and unrecommended modules with compatibility problems.

  • Views caching. Test for each view display, both result and query caching

  • Watchdog logs. See overall count, 404 entries, PHP errors.

  • Drupal site status. View reports on the site’s availability.  

  • Users. See reports on numbers of users and roles.

Leave No Trace

Pantheon Launch Check runs every hour on the hour, with zero impact on site performance. A technique called static program analysis means no installation, configuration, or intrusive operations will ever drag down your site. Launch Check leverages Drush and Site Audit, open-source technologies built by Drupal experts, so it leaves no trace.

“Is This Site Ready to Launch?”

Four good times to run Launch Check:

  1. Right before your big launch. Is it ready to go live?

  2. Just after you’ve taken a site live. Can you make the announcement now?

  3. When you suspect there’s an issue with your site. Where to begin looking? See Launch Check for answers.

  4. Right after you’ve made an update. Is everything is still configured correctly?

Really Big Launch? Put a Launch Team On It

When slowdowns and crashes happen on launch day, it’s too late to open a support ticket. Prevention is the best strategy. Know your site is ready for millions of visitors. Let Pantheon’s web performance experts nail the details.

Look to our expert support team to guide you from day one, just as we’ve done for all of our Enterprise customers. Mission-critical sites have zero tolerance for hiccups. Our team knows the hot issues to look for in an enterprise launch.

Launch Team Benefits

Succeed with premium support. We don’t wait for customers to open support tickets on launch day. Instead, we guide you through the process of a successful launch, right from the beginning.

Deliver uptime, guaranteed. Enjoy millions of visitors, without worrying about crashes and slowdowns

Stay informed with brief standup meetings. If we find a minor code issue, you hear about it before you launch. We may also set up separate training sessions for you and your development team.

High-five your team on launch day. The Pantheon Launch Team is here when you need us. If you do need to open support tickets in the future, you’ll get a faster response. We’re already familiar with the particulars of your website and your business.

Launch Team Overview

The Launch Team guides you through these six steps to a successful launch:

Want to learn how to make your site invincible? Schedule your Launch Strategy session. You’ll learn:

  • How to use version control on Pantheon by deploying your site from dev to test to live.

  • How Pantheon scales sites in production so your site stays up and running, even in a traffic spike

  • The most common reasons people open support tickets—and how you can avoid roadblocks by setting up caching, switching between environments, load testing, and resource optimization

We may also schedule a more detailed, technical call with your development team.