Pantheon Migration Services

Hassle-Free Migrations for All Your Sites


Pantheon Migration Services

Get migration assistance from our team of technical experts—we can even handle the whole migration for you.


Pantheon provides white-glove, managed migrations for agencies that want to migrate multiple client sites to our platform. We take care of the heavy lifting.


Is your company or university ready to consolidate your WordPress and/or Drupal sites to a single, best-in-class platform? We’ll help with your migration and make the process easy.


If you manage a single site and are ready to move to the fastest hosting on the planet—plus take advantage of best practice dev workflows—Pantheon offers tools to migrate sites.

Other platforms are not innovating in the way that Pantheon does.

Alex Vasquez, Principal & Founder, DigiSavvy

Agency Migration Services

If you’re ready to move multiple sites to Pantheon, we have a special program to help you get it done quickly. Our hands-on, white-glove migration services for agencies alleviate the burden of migrations, by migrating the sites for you. We do all the heavy lifting and let you focus on delivering better, faster websites for your clients.


White-glove handling of all your sites.


Guaranteed site performance improvement.


Developer workshops for your whole team.

Enterprise Migrations

Enterprise Migration Services

Managing multiple sites for a corporation or university? If so, it’s likely they’re scattered on different hosts, using different CMS platforms, and have infrastructure woes and workflow breakdowns that prevent you and your team from developing new features instead of managing administrative overhead. With Pantheon, you can migrate all your WordPress and Drupal sites to a single platform and manage them from a single dashboard. Contact us to find out about assisted and managed migration services.


Single Site Migrations

Single Site Migration Tools

Managing a single site and ready to make the move to Pantheon? We have a well-defined migration process designed to assist you in migrating your Drupal or Wordpress site to Pantheon. Migrations to Pantheon result in faster websites, and provide you with best practice workflows, professional developer tools, and the peace of mind that comes with hosting on a fast, scalable platform.

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