Optimizing Platform Migrations: Lessons from NYSenate.gov

Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Proper planning and execution for a successful platform transition, from the perspectives of the lead developer, project manager, and platform provider.
  • Technical Insights: Leverage Drush for Complex Migration, SOLR Search Setup, Load Testing, Edge Case Identification, and Migration Scripting.
  • Future plans to open source the site code for use by other legislative bodies to promote transparency in government.


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About This Event

Approaching a platform transition requires proper planning and execution on top of a serious technical architecture. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the migration of NYSenate.gov from three unique perspectives: the lead developer, the project manager and the platform provider.


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Ryan Blair Headshot

Ryan Blair

Digital Director
New York State Senate


Brad MacDonald Headshot

Brad MacDonald

Senior Project Manager


Derek Reese Headshot

Derek Reese

Drupal Developer

Optimizing Platform Migrations: Lessons from NYSenate.gov

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