How to Leverage a Personalization Engine with Your CMS

Strategic approaches for creating personalized experiences without authentication

Vincent Cabansag

Director of Technology, Clockwork

Jed Anderson

Principal Software Engineer, Clockwork

About this webinar:

Creating personalized experiences to develop deeper and more meaningful connections with audiences has been in the marketer’s playbook for a long time. Modern sites use and collect data on their visitors to present convenient and relevant content in both expected and unexpected ways. But what if you don’t have the data or information, it’s not easily accessible, or your site doesn’t support personalization?

Join Vince Cabansag and Jed Anderson of Clockwork, as they explore how to get started creating personalized experiences on your digital properties. They'll discuss how to add personalization in areas you may not have considered and how to leverage your [existing] technology to accelerate awareness, consideration, and purchase intent.


What you’ll learn:

  • Strategies that lay the foundation for creating personalized experiences
  • Personalization practices that that increase convenience, relevance, and conversions
  • Opportunities for utilizing personalized attributes for sites without memberships or accounts
  • Ways to leverage your existing technology for personalization or discover new tools to consider