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Use Your Superpowers for Good

Here at Pantheon, community is everything. Whether you’re looking to connect with other open source enthusiasts or stay on top of the latest trends, we’ve got you covered. Come discover why marketers & developers trust us to help them build amazing digital experiences.

Deploy Heroically

Our Heroes Advocacy Program focuses on supporting and enabling our most active community members who willingly devote their time to give back to open-source projects on and off the Pantheon platform.

Together We Can Change the Future of the Web

Whether you’re a lifelong contributor, or a first-timer there’s lots of different ways to get involved! What do you say--let’s be friends.

Meet Some Heroes

  • David Needham
    uʍop ǝpᴉsdn puɐ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq ǝdʎʇ uɐɔ I
  • Roy Sivan
    My super power is being able to turn into the friendliest troll that ever Interneted.
  • Mark Casias
    The ability to completely negate any superpower I may have
  • Tony Klose
    Making things with my hands - from baking to soapmaking, gardening to hobby electronics, and most things in between!
  • Shawn Gregg
    They say I'm a unicorn, not the best unicorn, but a unicorn is a unicorn.
  • Erik Cochran
    What can I say...I love Drupal!
  • Andrew Mallis
    Pun generation.
  • Mike St. Jean
  • Eric Amundson
    Explaining nerdy tech topics to non-techies.
  • Sean Dietrich
    Certainly have the ability to stay calm regardless of situation but am be able to debug and fix things quickly.
  • Sarah German
    Speed reading
  • Michael Anello
    The ability to break down large problems into tiny little pieces.
  • Step Schwarz
    Step Schwarz
    I always manage to find the one item in the store that will not scan at the register. If you see me ahead of you in line, run to another aisle!
  • Guy Elsmore-Paddock
    Ability to envision and/or reverse-engineer the architecture behind the solution to most software problems.
  • Danita Bowman
    Ability to break the unbreakable (good for finding bugs)
  • Michele Butcher-Jones
    The ability to wrangle all the cats.
  • Nichol Neff
  • Julien Melissas
    If I can't figure it out, I'll find the right person who can.
  • James Tryon
    Staying focused/calm in high-stress situations, and #SchedulingADemo
  • Kevin Porras
    Analyzing stuff before working on it to ensure I develop the proper solution to the right problem.
  • Marc Avila
    The uncanny ability not to get lost.
  • Marc Berger
    Being able to improvise figuring out a solution to a problem (in real life) using whatever is nearby
  • Jennifer Dust
    My super power is that I can learn anything! I love to pick up new skills and abilities whenever I can.
  • JD Flynn
    Never-ending hunger for knowledge and ability to help erase stigmas.
  • Dave Hansen-Lange
    Combining other people's ideas into a plan for how to build something
  • Bonnie Russell
    Totally comfortable when the water comes to a boil.
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack
    Persistent ability to see the bright side of any situation
  • Duran Goodyear
    Sublime mastery of deducing client expectations
  • Chris Teitzel
    Finding simple solutions to complex issues
  • Anna Mykhailova
    Solving complicated problems with simple process!
  • AmyJune Hineline
    Community Ambassador and QA Engineer at Kanopi Studios
  • Alex Vasquez
    I can be called upon to make you laugh or smile, even on your worst day. Oh and self-deprecation (not defecation).
  • Rob Watson
    Rescuing WordPress users from the consequences of their website mistakes or mistakes made by other providers.
  • Jason Purdy
    The ability to track down the root of an issue and fix it.
  • Aimee Hannaford
    I can dance like everyone is watching.
  • Justin Hall
    Ability to connect with people that are different than me.
  • Gregg Marshall
    Flying long distance
  • Kurt Trowbridge
    Juggling* multiple tasks and projects (*strictly in the metaphorical sense :))
  • Brian Richards
    Technical Requirement Translator
  • Carl Alexander
    My superpower is my ability to travel on a shoestring budget.
  • Brian Thompson
    I have the odd ability to explain website technology to people who can't figure out how to turn on their lights.
  • Monica Flores
    Making a positive difference by using all of my knowledge and talents to advance fairness, justice, safety, health, and education.
  • Steve Lavigne
    The ability to find a solution to any problem. I am often told 'Steve can fix anything' and this tends to be true at work and in my personal life.
  • Drew Nackers
    My ability to relate any real life situation to a quote from "The Office". Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica
  • Mauricio Dinarte
    Distill complex web development topics into bite-size tutorials.
  • Jennifer Dust
    My super power is that I can learn anything! I love to pick up new skills and abilities whenever I can.
  • Emanuel Greucean

The Genetic Makeup of a Hero

Our Heroes have a strong passion for helping others! When they are not contributing to the greater good of the open web, they are likely sharing their love for Pantheon. Think you have what it takes?

How Heroes Give Back


    • Sharing knowledge in online communities
    • Creating content for industry publications
    • Sharing Pantheon-related content
    • Helping capture case studies and testimonials
    • Creating content for Pantheon publications


    • Creating working code examples using our platform
    • Contributing to open source projects
    • Early-access Beta testing new product features

    • Contributing to documentation
    • Collaborating with other Heroes
    • Sharing product feedback
    • Organizing or volunteering with local meetups
    • Providing insight in new markets


    • Presenting Pantheon webinars
    • Teaching at local meetups
    • Speaking at conferences
    • Mentoring new community members

Exclusive Access

  • Exclusive, Hero-only swag
  • Free Pantheon plan (Basic)
  • Exclusive roadmap reviews
  • Early Access to new platform features


  • Free event or conference tickets
  • Generous travel stipend to speak at events
  • Special Invite-only events with Pantheors

Professional Growth

  • Public recognition for your skills & achievements
  • Professional training opportunities
  • Sponsorship assistance for initiatives you organize

Meet Our Community Collaborators

Here at Pantheon, we believe in giving back to the open source communities we are part of, by supporting organizations and projects that reflect the values of Pantheon. Here is a quick look at some of our amazing Community Collaborators.

Apply for Hero Status

We are excited you’ve made it this far! We are looking for those that truly share the Pantheon mission to make the open web a better place. If you think you make the cut, please complete our Heroes application below.

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