Pantheon Q4 Product Announcement

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Bringing Collaboration, Convenience, and Confidence to Your Digital Projects and Development Workflow

Pantheon is unveiling new tools and capabilities for finding and collaborating with agencies and contractors, along with numerous improvements that add convenience and confidence to your digital projects and development workflow. 

Check out our latest updates and additions to the platform below. 

Agency Match Program – Collaboration on Digital Projects Has Never Been Easier

Expectations for fast, responsive, and intelligent digital experiences have never been higher. This is a long-term trend that was only accelerated by the pandemic.

Increasingly, companies are looking to support complex interactions online, with things like virtual events, where in-person events were the previous standard. Other examples include the rapid adoption of digital experiences to facilitate things like museum visitation and social clubs in Australia during the pandemic. 

With this rapid shift to digital transformation, finding the right agency to collaborate on your digital projects is of paramount importance. That’s why we’ve created an Agency Match Program, to help you find an ideal partner for whatever digital capability you need, to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing world! 

The agencies in our Agency Match program are among the top 25 of our 2,500+ partners. Each partner has been handpicked to match your individual needs, gone through Pantheon’s platform training, and been vetted by our Partner team to ensure you receive top-quality service. You can access this elite network by filling out our agency match request form, then we’ll provide qualified requests with a list of three to four agencies who best fit your project requirements.

If you’re interested in this program designed to help you find the best agency for your organization’s unique needs and digital projects, check out this in-depth blog post and our Partner Directory page to learn more. 

What Powerful Agency Partnerships Look Like 

To highlight how a powerful agency partnership can accelerate your company’s digital transformation, look no further than the standout examples below. 

Greenbiz + Kalamuna

The Greenbiz group is a media and events company that promotes the transition to a clean energy economy by educating and connecting government representatives, executives, and academics to confront the threat of climate change. 

Kalamuna helps your organization change for the better — so you can make the world a better place. Kalamuna partners with socially impactful institutions, associations, agencies, and governments to solve pressing issues by empowering them with research, strategy, design, and technology solutions. 

Kalamuna was instrumental in accelerating the stability and performance of Greenbiz’s website — to take on growing traffic, a pivot to virtual events, and a massive redesign — required of the company’s website during the pandemic. The result of this partnership was soaring revenue for Greenbiz while protecting their reputation as leaders in the clean energy media space. 

Find more details on this powerful partnership between Kalamuna and Greenbiz here and learn more about Kalamuna here

Virginia Credit Union (VACU) + COLAB

Richmond-based Virginia Credit Union (VACU) has $4.57 billion in assets and has served customers for over 90 years with affordable banking services, loans, mortgages, and free financial education. The credit union serves 308,000 members with its 24/7 online banking portal. Uptime and excellent digital delivery are critical to VACU and its members.

COLAB is a full-service digital agency, specializing in the strategic design and development of websites and cloud-based applications. They offer services ranging from digital strategy to custom applications and integrations. Their clientele spans a broad range in size, from small businesses to large corporate clients.

Despite the need for exceptional uptime and an excellent user experience, VACU’s website was failing both its members and marketing team, along with not delivering on revenue goals. That’s why VACU’s committee approved COLAB to architect a new website from the ground up — to transform it into a modern, customer-focused experience. 

Since launching in 2019, the redesigned website has produced 32% year-over-year growth in click-through rates to lead forms, along with a $3 million per month increase in revenue from the website, just six months after launch! 

Find out more on this trusted partnership between VACU and COLAB here, and learn more about COLAB here

Q4 Platform Improvements Maximize Confidence and Convenience for Our Customers

Pantheon continues to maximize both confidence and convenience for our customers with our latest platform improvements and functionality. 

Check these latest updates out below. 

Centralized Management of Support Requests + Simplified Account Management 

Pantheon now has one centralized location for placing support requests and performing account management. Using the Support Center, you can quickly view your options and easily connect to our legendary support team.

Additionally, we’ve simplified account management in the Billing Center, where you can access and adjust subscriptions, invoices, and payment methods. 

Search for Drupal 9

To empower your visitors to quickly find content they can engage with, we’ve bundled Apache Solr™ search directly into the platform.

Pantheon now supports Search on the latest versions of WordPress and Drupal — bringing our modernized cloud architecture together with best-of-breed tools to enhance your development workflow.

Learn More About Pantheon’s Latest Features 

To get a comprehensive look at all the new features and functionality we’re releasing this fourth quarter at Pantheon, take a look at our What’s New page for more information. 

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