How to Set Up and Configure Autopilot

Luke Probasco , Product Marketing Manager Reading estimate: 1 minutes

In this post, we break down how to set up and configure Autopilot. Dive in to learn more. 


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"Autopilot deployment is as simple as the click of a button in the Pantheon dashboard, and sometimes we promote updates straight to the live environment with no developer involvement at all."

- Kurt Trowbridge, Front-end Development Team Leader at Gravity Works Design & Development

Interested in setting up and configuring Pantheon's Autopilot, so you can streamline the process of updating your WordPress and Drupal CMSes, including core updates, along with all those plugins and themes (for WordPress users)?

Look no further than the instructional video below, which walks you through Autopilot setup and configuration. 

If you would like to learn more about setting up Autopilot, you can check out our Autopilot Setup and Configuration documentation. For anyone not using Pantheon’s WebOps tools, we encourage you to set up a Pantheon account.

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