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Backdrop CMS 1.0 Available on Pantheon

I always feel a sense of rebirth at the beginning of each Gregorian year (sorry @c4rl), and it's fatefully appropriate for the beginning of 2015 to see the launch of Backdrop CMS 1.0. For those unfamilar, Backdrop CMS is a "full featured CMS with a focus on small-medium businesses, education, and non-profits" that is "a fork of the Drupal project". Its goal, as explained by project founders Jen Lampton and Nate Haug, is "to improve and simplify the code and architecture of Drupal 7 while minimizing the cost to the community".

Backdrop Logo

As a company interested in the future of the web, we at Pantheon have been following the development of Backdrop and have worked with the Backdrop community to get Backdrop running on Pantheon. For developers who are interested in trying out Backdrop 1.0, you can try Backdrop on Pantheon right now.


For those looking for reasons to get excited about Backdrop, here are a few for you to consider that personally excite me:


Backdrop Dragon Hanging Out

As I have talked about on this blog before, it is really awesome to be living in the PHP Renaissance where new ideas for the web are being developed every day and added to our digital marketplace of ideas. Heres to hoping that Backdrop, along with Drupal 8 and WordPress, will make a better web for everyone. 

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