Agile Marketing Week on the MarTech Podcast

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Pantheon’s VP of Marketing, Roland Smart was recently featured on the MarTech Podcast hosted by Benjamin Shapiro. The topic of the five-part conversation: Agile Marketing, an approach for managing marketing work that Roland is an expert in (as well as, a published author on the subject).

Listen to the Agile Marketing Week podcast series.

If you don’t have time to listen now or are wondering which episode may be most relevant to you, here’s a brief overview and the key takeaways from each episode:

Episode 1: What is Agile Marketing?

Marketers are managing more software than ever before. Agile comes out of the software engineering world. It is the best practice for managing software, and it’s really relevant for marketers to understand it.

- Roland Smart


On this episode of the MarTech Podcast:

  • Roland and Ben discuss and define Agile Marketing

  • Learn about Roland’s background and experience using Agile Marketing

  • Discover how Agile compares to other marketing management approaches, ranging from traditional methodologies like waterfall to more Agile-aligned practices like Lean.

Episode 2: How to Implement Agile Marketing

There’s going to be a lot of small failures on the path to success. Getting comfortable with that and understanding that if the things you are releasing are really small they will not be disastrous, they can actually be levers to improve the connection between the company and their customers.

- Roland Smart

On this episode of the MarTech Podcast:

  • Learn about the rise of Agile Marketing, including the increasing demand for and interest in the approach.

  • Gain insights into the best ways to implement Agile Marketing for small teams to enterprises.

  • Understand common challenges to implementing the approach and how you can plan for and overcome them.


Episode 3: Agile Marketing for Content Marketing

Applying Agile to content marketing means shifting from a mindset where you’re always producing new content to one in which the majority of your time is spent iterating on existing content.

 - Roland Smart

On this episode of the MarTech Podcast:

  • Learn how Agile Marketing can be applied to content marketing.

  • Understand how to validate and optimize content using Agile Marketing.

  • Gain actionable insights into ways to more effectively leverage your content for growth.


Episode 4: How WebOps Powers Agility

You want your web team to have a WebOps platform. It makes it so they can iterate faster on your site. More iteration leads to movement on the KPI’s that CMO’s, Senior Marketers, and Website Owners care about.

- Roland Smart

On this episode of the MarTech Podcast:

  • Learn what WebOps is and the role it plays in business and marketing agility.

  • Understand the role of automation in WebOps and the ways WebOps increases agility and allows for focus on higher priority efforts.

  • Hear how the ACLU and Tableau leverage WebOps to drive business results.


Episode 5: How to Build an Agile Marketing Stack

Built into Agile values and principles is the idea that we try to break up work into the smaller possible pieces. That also applies to the way we structure our teams. If we apply this to our work and our teams, we should also think of applying it to our marketing stack.

- Roland Smart

On this episode of the MarTech Podcast:

  • Understand the differences between microsurface solutions and monolithic marketing clouds (and which is better suited for an Agile Marketing stack).

  • Learn the benefits of choosing best-in-class solutions for your martech stack.

  • Hear how Pantheon and the MarTech Podcast built and are utilizing martech stacks.


This five-part Agile Marketing podcast series provides great insight into the Agile Marketing approach, how it can be implemented from an organization perspective and utilized for specific areas (i.e. content marketing), and ways to build a martech stack that is suited for Agile.


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