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Why use WordPress for the Enterprise?

Six Reasons Why WordPress Is Ready for the Enterprise

Entering a Golden Age

In 2015, WordPress surpassed the threshold of running 25% of the web. What began as a blogging platform is now the most widely-used content management system on the internet, and a wise choice for site owners looking to scale for years to come.


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WordPress sites exist in the wild


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As WordPress grows and evolves, more big brands are taking notice—The New York Times, TechCrunch, Microsoft, and Facebook all run sites using the CMS. Its size in the market makes WordPress a leader in innovative digital experiences, and the scale of its developer ecosystem will continue to drive innovation and adoption. You may have heard that WordPress is for just for bloggers or mom-and-pop shops, but in reality the CMS combined with enterprise WordPress hosting is more than capable of running some of the biggest, most important sites on the internet.

So, if you’re looking to start a new web project, or focused on making your brand’s site the best it can be, don’t overlook WordPress. The content management system has proven that it is here to stay, delivering rich user experiences and high performing websites for years to come. Interested in hearing how others leverage WordPress for their enterprise solutions? Check out our ebook, Faster, Smarter, Safer: Wordpress for Enterprise, where four next-level digital agencies share their robust learnings in leveraging the platform at scale.

Tom Willmot

Tom Willmot, Co-Founder & CEO, Human Made

WordPress is becoming the CMS of choice for more and more of the enterprise and big publishing sectors. Over the 5+ years that we’ve been solely focused on delivering WordPress at scale in those markets we’ve seen the conversation change significantly. People came to WordPress for its speed of deployment and publishing experience, they’ve stayed because of its unparalleled focus on backwards compatibility, the robust security of the core CMS, and its proven flexibility to meet the diverse requirements of some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Why WordPress?

This guide is designed to help website owners evaluate WordPress when considering open source solutions. We cover six important reasons why the content management system is a viable solution for the enterprise.


WordPress reaches its full potential on a professional-grade platform, see how Pantheon can help make your enterprise site awesome.


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