Celebrating the Digital Innovators

From prioritizing accessibility to investing in experiential commerce, these are the innovators unleashing the magic of the internet.

See the innovators below who are pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the open web. 

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Welcome Session with Zack Rosen, Pantheon CEO & Co-Founder
Welcome to WebOps.21
Hear from Zack on current web trends, the consumerization of digital experiences, and the importance of the Open Web, as he welcomes a lineup of WebOps innovators and an audience of game changers to WebOps.21.
Keynote Session with Martin Gontovnikas, Co-Founder, Hypergrowth
The Rise of the CTMO
With successful companies reinvesting most of their revenue to drive growth, Gonto urges web teams to consider growth as a process, as a way to define teamwork, and as a pathway to enhancing cross-functionality.
Keynote Session with José Andrés
Unlocking Creativity & Turning Vision into Reality
Creativity flows from hard work, breaking down problems, and questioning the status quo. Hear José talk about achieving the impossible, in responding to emergencies around the world and delivering tens of thousands of meals daily to people in need.
Keynote Session with LeTísha Shaw (She/Her), Director, Product Marketing, UserTesting
Navigating Biases and Blindspots with a Growth Mindset
In encountering biases in the workplace, there is a choice to maintain the status quo or embrace a broader point of view. In this session, LeTisha will explore the ways that diverse and inclusive teams drive better business performance, and how to address issues of groupthink and microaggressions.
Keynote Session with Jenny Fleiss, CEO of Rent the Runway
Disrupting Industries on the Open Web
At Rent the Runway, Jenny served as President, Head of Logistics, and Head of Business Development. Hear Jenny talk through what it was like being a young, female entrepreneur with an online-first business, and how it's possible to drive web-based innovation to disrupt entire industries.
John Doyle, President & Founder, Digital Polygon
Marketing Meets Privacy: Navigating Privacy Legislation in 2021
Privacy legislation is moving quickly through the United States, with different rules and regulations introduced in every state. John will provide an overview of recent changes and explore what these mean for web teams.
Rob Remington, Solutions Architecture Manager, GeekHive
Repurposing for Seamless CX + Accelerated Growth
Buckeye Broadband, a high-speed internet provider, recently worked with digital agency GeekHive to migrate to Drupal and create a progressively decoupled website experience for Buckeye customers. Hear how it happened.
Richard Nosek, Sr. Digital Strategist, ImageX
Core Web Vitals: Optimizing for Google's Latest Algorithm Change
Google recently updated its search engine algorithm with a heightened emphasis on Core Web Vitals. In this session, Richard shows how to manage website load times, enhance content stability, and maintain rankings as Google's algorithm continues to evolve.
Andrea Tisdel, Principal Consultant, GeekHive
Translating Data to Design: A Design Thinking Process
When it’s time to update the look and feel of a website, taking a data-based approach to design unlocks new ideas and unexplored directions. In this session, Andrea will show how to use behavioral data and feedback analysis to transform a website according to what's working.
Bill Annibell, COO & Chief Agilist, Digital Polygon
Lean Agile + WebOps Enables Digital Transformation
Marketing teams are under increasing pressure to adapt quickly. Hear Bill describe the necessary culture shift toward embracing Agile and WebOps practices. He will identify anti-patterns that impair teams, and show how to measure results, automate processes, and continually improve digital strategies.
Janell Sims & Erich Manser, Digital Accessibility Consultants at Harvard University
Compliance and Compassion: Accessibility for All
It takes deep diligence to ensure all products and web assets are truly accessible. Hear Janell and Erich talk through what it means to go beyond minimal legal requirements, and create digital experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and entirely inclusive at Harvard University.
Lissa Regets, Head of Growth, EBY
3 Ways to 2X Your eCommerce Revenue
Knowing which metrics matter most is key to growing revenue. In this session, Lissa will define the key metrics that drive value and discuss easy-to-employ tactics to increase conversions.
Greg Gillotti from Carnegie Mellon University & Nate Lampton from Lullabot
Leveraging GitLab to Streamline Workflows at Carnegie Mellon University
Like many IT teams within higher education institutions, the team at Carnegie Mellon University is a small group of folks responsible for a whole lot of content. In this session, Greg and Nate will give an overview of a new Drupal-based platform that streamlines workflows with GitLab.
Andrew Mallis, CEO, Kalamuna & Isa Anne Stamos, Tech Director, GreenBiz.com
GreenBiz.com: How a Website Has Grown to Change the World
GreenBiz Group has a mission to create a more sustainable world. What began as a single newsletter is now an expansive web hub, home to articles, newsletters, webinars, whitepapers, and events. Hear how GreenBiz teamed up with Kalamuna to position their website as a driver of societal change.
Phil Pelanne, Director of Technology, NewCity
10 Automated Tests in 20 Minutes
Automated testing saves developers from routine updates and maintenance. Phil will provide 10 tests that lodge seamlessly into everyday workflows. From Lighthouse performance assessments to scripting user interactions, the time-savings are significant.
Dustin Younse, Design Technologist, Indeed
Design Systems Aren’t Hard
Hear Dustin explore how design systems can serve as the thinking, decision making, and principle frameworks of marketing organizations. He will outline common pitfalls in building design systems, and show how to ensure their institutional value is sustained over the long term.
Eddie O'Leary, Founder & President, COLAB
Move Fast Without Breaking Things With Effective QA
Without confidence in website infrastructure, marketing teams struggle to move with agility. In this session, Eddie will outline Quality Assurance practices that empower teams to deploy with confidence, mitigate risk, assuage stakeholder concerns, and move safely at speed.
Alyssa Hulka, VP, Digital Strategy & Experience, Accella
Digital Wayfinding: Stop Giving Site Visitors Endless Options
Over the last year, websites have become the fulcrum of digital strategy, but an abundance of information can overwhelm visitors. Hear Alyssa discuss how to apply the fundamental theory of Digital Wayfinding to seamlessly guide site visitors to the most relevant information.
Mike Minecki, Randy Oest and Brian Lewis from Four Kitchens
Evolving Design Systems for Universities
Complex organizations like universities stand to benefit from design systems but can struggle to adopt them. Hear Mike, Randy, and Brian go over how to overcome barriers to collaboration and governance, with an evolutionary approach that leads to a campus-wide federated design system.
Jennifer Chadwick, AmyJune Hineline and Sandra Koranteng
Accessibility Power Hour
The only Power Hour at WebOps.21, this session will bust the myths that permeate accessibility discussions, and showcase a better, more inclusive way to build and run websites for all. Jennifer, Sandra, and AmyJune will share actionable tips and what accessibility means to them.
Molly Presley & Steve Persch
Pantheon Q3'21 Product Annoucements
One of the goals that we had when we designed this event was to renew this inspiration that you had when you started your career in digital strategies, when you were struck with the magic of the internet. How it could really connect anyone - instantly and globally. How it could be used to do truly meaningful and hugely impactful work at scale.
Zack Rosen , CEO & Co-Founder