How 10 Companies Used WebOps to Change the World

Fighting for justice. Electing a president. Saving our oceans. Feeding our kids. Teaching students. Discovering vaccines. In 2020, all of this happened online.

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Making Masks from Candy Machines

When COVID-19 hit, the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology found itself acting as an "adopted family" for international students. It also saw a 650x spike in website traffic after discovering how to make masks from candy machines.

Turning the Fashion Industry on Its Head

To help combat the trend of excessive waste in the fashion industry — with all stores shuttered and moving online — Pantheon Hero Alex Vasquez, the founder of DigiSavvy, helped launch First Pitch by Reebok.

"For the first time, sustainability topped the list of the biggest challenges facing the fashion industry. It is also the biggest opportunity."
State of Fashion 2020, McKinsey ,

Feeding Kids During School Closures

During the pandemic, No Kid Hungry had to find alternatives to their school-based distribution mode. Since March, more than 200,000 families have used the Free Meals Finder map to access food assistance.

"When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the number of kids struggling with hunger went from 1 in 7 kids to 1 in 4 kids."

Delivering Data, When We Need it Most

Delphix’s data platform supports institutions including the US Army, Clorox, and the University of Manchester. Earlier this year, the digital agency FFW, a Pantheon partner, transformed Delphix's website and user experience.

Transforming Banking... With a Wizard!

Working with Narwhal Digital, S&T Bank took a decoupled approach to their website. They launched Merlin, a digital financial wizard, and revamped their online account opening process to strengthen customer relationships online.

Driving Change at the ACLU

Fighting until "we the people” means all of us, and hugely influential in activating the vote in 2020, the digital team at the ACLU is focused on engagement and fundraising through email, SMS, social, and their website.

Fighting Gender Inequality in Medicine

WomenLift Health worked with digital agency FFW, a Pantheon partner, to launch their program in a completely remote setting in February this year. They have a mission to end gender inequality in medicine and, with the help of FFW, they're doing this completely online.

"The pace of today's digital adoption is, by some measures, 65x the historical baseline."
Zack Rosen, Pantheon CEO at the WebOps Summit ,

A Lifeline for Refugees in Peru

Home to many Venezuelan refugees, most of whom live in poverty, Arequipa in Peru is cut off from government support. At the start of the pandemic, the charity SIM built a solution to widespread food insecurity in this population with limited access to bandwidth.

Open Source Beer for a Charitable Cause

When COVID-19 hit, Craftpeak saw a huge spike in the number of breweries relying on their platform. They helped launch All Together, an open source beer collaboration to support restaurant workers.

Giving Back With the Gift of Open Source

To give back to the Open Source community, Pantheon is hosting the Gift of Open Source throughout the month of December. Whether it's submitting code or documentation, offering design help, or scheduling virtual MeetUps, there are a handful of ways to get involved.

Join the Fight for Gender Equity in Tech.

To help elevate women in the workforce, Pantheon is donating $25k to the nonprofit Women Who Code.
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