WebOps: Security & Performance from the Edge

Optimize Your Websites with Advanced Global CDN

Chris Charlton

Senior Sales Engineer, Pantheon

Dan Frost

Managing Director, Adaptive

About this webinar:

Your web presence is the core of your brand and the need to connect with your customers is essential. But how are you supposed to deliver innovative experiences if your web development teams are continually pulled away to focus on site optimization (performance and security)? 

Join Chris Charlton, Pantheon Senior Sales Engineer and Dan Frost, Managing Director at Adaptive, as they share insights on how to level up and optimize your website with WebOps and Advanced Global CDN.  


What you’ll learn:

  • How a CDN can help you reach customers faster than ever
  • How to improve Lighthouse scores and core web vitals with image optimization
  • Ensuring site integrity with a CMS-tuned web application firewall (WAF)
  • Curtail malicious traffic, including brute-force login and denial-of-service
    (DoS) attacks by throttling traffic at the edge.