Zack Rosen

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and CEO of Pantheon, Zack Rosen leads the mission, strategy, and long-term vision of the company and the continued improvement and evolution of the product into an agile digital experience platform for enterprises.

Zack pioneered the first large-scale Drupal website for the Howard Dean campaign in 2003, which helped revolutionize the business model of politics from offline to the Internet.

In addition, Zack has successfully co-founded a variety of organizations over the past fifteen years:

  • Chapter Three, a full-service web agency specializing in Drupal development
  • Mission Bicycle, a San Francisco-based bicycle manufacturer
  • California YIMBY, an advocacy group that is working to solve California’s housing crisis

Under Zack’s leadership, Pantheon continues to grow rapidly, while retaining a focus on its talented and passionate team, loyal customer base, and the guiding mission of furthering the open web.

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