Joep Leussink

VP of Growth

As VP of Growth, Joep is leading the growth team and is driving all aspects of their business including full-funnel strategy & execution. He thinks about growth outside of the traditional context of demand generation in collaboration with product management and business operations leaders to ensure strategies are increasing the bottom line.
Joep brings over 15 years of growth and marketing experience to the Pantheon team.

Joep has created and led teams at ambitious B2B SaaS businesses of varying sizes, such as LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM),, Litmus, PagerDuty (NYSE: PD) to new growth milestones. Joep’s extensive expertise in driving growth, improving conversion rates and building and leading teams of growth specialists gives him a unique insight into the world of martech, and where Pantheon fits into the larger picture of a better internet. Joep takes a proactive approach to utilizing data and developing growth strategies with an analytics mindset.