WordPress Multisite at Large Scale

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    Is WordPress Multisite the right choice for your large-scale WordPress site? What's the best way to manage a complex web operation in WordPress? Detailed best practices from Pantheon, based on our experience running thousands of mission critical WordPress sites.

  • Single WordPress Install at Large Scale

    Got a big, single WordPress site? Best practices for making WordPress enterprise grade - horizontally-scalable architecture, reverse proxy and object cache, database replication, optimized search index, and automated dev/test/deploy workflows.

  • WordPress Multisite Network at Large Scale

    Got multiple departments or organizations using WordPress, each with its own site but some common denominators between the sites? How to setup a WordPress Multisite Network for big traffic and a large number of editors.

  • Multiple WordPress Sites Managed by Automation

    Got multiple sites or brands, each with its own distinct and separate website? Multisite may not be the right choice. Learn how to operate multiple separate WordPress sites and manage them with workflow automation and modern DevOps practices.

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