Why Your Site Is Slow

Performance Answers for Your Clients

Steve Persch

Director, Technical Marketing

Marc Drummond

Frontend Developer, Lullabot

About this webinar:

Speed is a feature many clients assume they will get but do not always ask for. In fact, you are more likely to hear your clients ask for features or functionality that will make the site slower. Then, right before launch, clients will ask “why is this site so slow?”

Surface-level technical issues like slow queries and redundant JavaScript files are often blamed when a site is slow, although there are numerous factors that can affect performance. In practice, web teams need to ask “why” repeatedly in order to get to the root cause. This on-demand webinar dives into the many answers to this question and looks for the root causes of slow sites.

What you’ll learn:

  • Tools of the trade that provide metrics to inform performance work
  • Root causes of slow sites and client-side improvement tips
  • How to compose your infrastructure and code in ways that optimize performance