Website Performance Monitoring 101

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The website is the face of your company, and performance has a direct impact on the bottom line. In this day and age, a performant site is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a requirement for agencies and web teams looking to keep up. This ebook examines the current technology landscape—the challenges this is creating for website performance monitoring, and how Pantheon partner New Relic is helping companies reduce costs and grow their business while building better performing websites.

  • How Are You Doing?

    Examine the state of your current performance monitoring capabilities with our Website Performance Monitoring Assessment.

  • Performance Monitoring Challenges

    Traditional thinking, limited visibility, high cost, resource allotment, etc.—See why it's so hard to find the right data.

  • Choosing the Right Tool

    It’s not just the cloud-based platform that’s important, as your monitoring solution should also have all-in-one functionality. See our must-have capabilities you should be on the market for.

  • Best Practices

    Simply implementing a performance monitoring solution on a live website is not enough. Ensure a performant website with our list of best practices.

  • Faster Sites = Happier Customers

    The speed of your website directly impacts your bottom line. See how New Relic benefits both your web team and your end users.

  • Use Cases

    See why big brands and renowned agencies use Pantheon + New Relic to monitor and optimize every web experience.

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