Streamlined Drupal 8

Site Building Strategies for Tight Deadlines

Steve Persch

Director, Technical Marketing

Jody Hamilton

CTO & Co-Founder, Zivtech

About this webinar:

The release of Drupal 8 was the biggest update yet to the CMS, but there is still progress to be made around its adoption. Drupal 7 is still the preferred choice of many agencies, because of its ease of use and false intimidations surrounding Drupal 8.

Jody Hamilton, Co-founder and CTO of Zivtech, and Steve Persch, Lead Developer Advocate at Pantheon, are here to bust the myths around Drupal 8. They’ll walk through approaches to site building and demonstrate that projects can be turned around quickly with Drupal 8.

What you’ll learn:

  • Information Architecture

    Modeling menus, paths, and breadcrumbs.

  • Content Building Blocks

    Drupal 8 is unstoppable when it comes to Views module in Core and entity references.

  • Theming

    Common Markup Changes are easier than ever with the addition of Twig templates.

  • Developer Workflow

    Leveraging configuration management to get your code deployed to the live site.