Pantheon + Partners = Success

Web Teams Can Accelerate Digital Transformation with Pantheon's Agency Partners

Sarah Fruy

Former Director, WebOps Partner Marketing

James Rutherford

Director, Partnerships

About this webinar:

From customer journey mapping to martech integration, SEO and site performance optimization, and omnichannel digital commerce, a digital partner can help unlock the full value of the Pantheon platform. With our Agency Match Program, we evaluate your requirements and recommend agency partners skilled in design, development, and implementation of complex digital experiences. We help you find a partner well-suited to help you accelerate your digital transformation.

At this webinar, you'll hear from Pantheon’s Sarah Fruy, Director of WebOps Partner Marketing, and James Rutherford, Sr. Manager of Strategic Partnerships on building immersive digital experiences for your audiences.

What you’ll learn:

  • How an agency partner can level up both your team and your site
  • How Pantheon's Agency Match Program works
  • How a Pantheon partner can help you get the most from our platform
  • Recent Pantheon product updates