Pantheon + New Relic: Monitor Your Entire Web Stack

Josh Koenig

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Marco Marquez

Technical Partner Manager, New Relic

About this webinar:

What you’ll learn:

New Relic is the leading platform for performance monitoring, and we think every Drupal and WordPress development team should be using it to get code-level visibility into their website’s performance. Join us to learn about what you should be doing to monitor your website’s performance and how to use New Relic to maximize your site’s performance, track deployments, and get immediate alerts with critical issues arise.

  • Monitor Performance

    Why you should be monitoring your website’s performance; how New Relic provides in-depth information about your customer experience and how it impacts your bottom line

  • Diagnose Issues

    How to use New Relic’s reporting to get code-level visibility into website performance and quickly diagnose issues while having easy access to historical data.

  • Resolve Problems

    Best practices for debugging and resolving performance problems; how to rectify your most common errors before they go live and identify the root cause in seconds.

  • Track Changes

    How to flag deployments so you can track the impact of changes over time.