Managed Updates for WordPress and Drupal: Increase Productivity and Reduce Ownership Costs for WebOps Teams

Managing Updates for WordPress and Drupal

Increase Productivity and Reduce Ownership Costs for WebOps Teams

Nathan Tyler

Senior Product Manager, Pantheon

Emily Miller

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Drew Gorton

Previous Director of Open Source and Industry Relations

About this webinar:

Open source content management systems like WordPress and Drupal are winning in the market, with 35% market share and rising as of this writing. Security and feature updates are a huge benefit of this ecosystem, but can often prove burdensome for web teams that have to weigh the benefits of updates against the need to ship new features and deliver value to their organization. This common dilemma can leave sites at risk and keep web teams from realizing the full benefit of open source CMS. So, how do you get the best of both worlds?

Join Nathan Tyler, Product Manager, Emily Miller, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, and Drew Gorton, Director of Developer Relations, all at Pantheon, as they walk through this real world problem and strategies to mitigate the risks involved.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to manage the responsibility of upkeep on your open-source websites
  • DIY tools for managing and automating updates on your Drupal and WordPress sites
  • A deep-dive into Pantheon's recent StagingPilot acquisition
  • An overview of the Managed Updates Service
  • A peek at the future of Update Autopilot on the platform